Choosing a Luxury REALTOR

Choosing a Luxury REALTOR

Choosing a Luxury REALTOR for your next home


One of the first things you’ll need to do when you’re considering selling your luxury home, is find an experienced Luxury Real Estate Professional. Whether you’re selling in one of the most proftable markets in the world, or you might need a little extra support to get the price you think your property deserves, a REALTOR® can be the key to your success.


Since moving to a new home can often be a complicated time, it makes sense to put extra effort into finding someone who can show you the ropes. Here are just three steps you’ll need to keep in mind when selecting a REALTOR® for your upcoming home move.

Step 1: Research REALTORS®


Choosing a REALTOR® to help you sell your home for the best possible price can be complex. Some professionals will try to win your custom with an incredibly high property valuation or super low fees, but these things can sometimes be a red flag. Also note, all Real Estate Agents are not REALTORS®. They are both licensed to sell real estate. However, REALTORS® are members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) who choose to adopt NAR’s code of ethics as a national standard in their real estate practice. Take the time to carefully research the difference.


After all, you’ll feel better about understanding the difference and it can help you evaluate your real estate professional of choice. Your favorite Boutique Real Estate Agency are licensed REALTORS® & Brokers in multiple states.

Step 2: Choosing the Best Real Estate Professionals


Once you’ve done plenty of homework, you can always shortlist 3 possible real estate professionals, then invite them to provide you with a property valuation. While it’s fair to say that getting the best sales price will often be the item at the top of your list, don’t automatically choose the Agent or REALTOR® that provides the highest valuation, as some people will simply over-value your property to win your business.


Find out which services each Agent offers, for example:

  •         What kind of marketing materials will they prepare for you? (photographs, signage, 3D Tours, online tours, marketing plan, etc)
  •         Will they conduct viewings with buyers on your behalf, or will you have to?
  •         How much experience do they have as a real estate professional?
  •         Does their marketing plan include digital marketing, traditional or both?

Step 3: Pricing to Sell


Part of your real estate professional’s job is to help you get the best price for your home, so that they can market it properly to buyers. If the price provided seems excessive, then it’s important to get a second opinion. Remember, Agents know that one of the main reasons people choose them, is that they are hoping to sell their home for the highest price possible. A true real estate professional will be upfront with you about the value of your home even if it’s not the value you want to hear.


Do some research into how you can add value to your own home. Your real estate professional will generally provide you with plenty of evidence on locally sold prices so that they can support their own valuation. It’s important to understand that appraisers do not always visit the inside of your property to obtain their professional opinion of your property. They often only look at recent nearby comparables that mimick your square footage so don’t spend too much on upgrades & improvements before selling. Consult with your REALTOR first to get the highest & best value from your property.


If you are thinking of selling your home, then talk to your favorite boutique real estate agency to book a listing appointment.


How the coronavirus impacts real estate

How the coronavirus impacts real estate

How the coronavirus will impact the real estate market



There’s no question that the coronavirus pandemic will have an affect on us all. What we know for sure is that no one industry will be left behind.



Anytime there is a significant loss in jobs, the number of residential buyers will decrease in some markets. However, investors view this as a buying opportunity. There is always opportunity in real estate chaos. The fact of the matter is that you can use this time to educate yourself on solutions best suited for your household or business. Consumer confidence will be a variable in the economy as the job market affects housing.



Properties that are priced to sell, neutral in colors and well maintained will less likely see a major change in price because the demand for highest & best value will be in a better position than an average property that’s not well maintained. In other words, everything has to properly display & convey it’s value, even your property.



It’s too soon to determine the impact as private showings are still taking place. Even during a national quarantine, buyers from all over the country remain on our websites everyday looking for properties whether homeowners or investors. Prior to the 2008 recession, we were fortunate to develop an online infrastructure that supports virtual operations. Visit GAMLS statistics to compare month to month units sold by categories.



Commercial Real Estate



There seems to be a lot of uncertainty about whether the country is in a recession. Many consumers are unaware that numerous economists predicted a recession for 2020 in 2019.



However, the economic recession prediction from economists didn’t have anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic or the housing market but the 10 year treasury GDP analysis. See this Forbes article.



Hopefully enough small business owners will benefit from the economic relief that’s available to owners who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.



Feel free to schedule a consultation if your think you need to list or relocate your commercial business.



Guaranteed Cash Offer



Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in homeowners who accept online offers on their home in an effort to sell without showings or listing their property. Although sellers can still request a cash offer on their home from our website, listing your home traditionally will still get you the highest & best offer on your home.



In other words, listing your property on the market will open the listing to more prospects that will compete for the value of your home so you’ll get a better return on your investment.



Taking the faster private offer is only best if you have time constraints or personal circumstances that outweigh the benefit of patience. The benefit of patience when priced to sell is always a win for the seller.



Selling Traditionally 



We’ve always been on top of technology. We have solutions to sell your home online with premier 3D Virtual Reality Tours & Virtual Staging when necessary. We have sold affordable homes to million dollar listings traditionally without showings because we invest in 3D VR technology to help your bottom line. We’ll simply give the buyer a reasonable due diligence period to physically visit & inspect the property or they may cancel within a reasonable timeframe. Feel free to download our virtual marketing plan to list your property.



Sellers receive a detailed report followed by a guaranteed cash offer on their home typically within 24 hours. Due to delays from the coronavirus pandemic, please allow a few more days for the written offer in some states. Feel free to schedule a phone appointment with us online for more details.



Home Maintenance



Whether you’re thinking of selling or not, this is a good time to do simple maintenance on your property. Get your property clutter free by donating or throwing away things you haven’t used in the last 24 months. The kitchen countertops are the first place that’s usually over saturated with unused items or that need to be transitioned to the pantry or a designated area for items in question. You’ll be surprised how many things add up in there.



Refresh your paint by touching up frequent traffic areas like the entrance, kitchen, bathroom & family rooms. If your property has deep rich colors, now is the time to neutralize your color tone or at least start planning which neutral colors you’ll choose. When in doubt, a fresh white palette can make a dated property feel updated.



Mortgage Relief



If you’re not thinking of selling & have been financially affected by the pandemic, you can request a forbearance or hardship solution from your lender. Consult with your current lender for details. If you don’t qualify for mortgage relief, short selling your property may be an option.



First, your lender would need to approve you for the short sale. You can request a short sale application from your lender. However, make sure you have visited all other mortgage relief or forbearance options with your lender first.



Feel free to request a free detailed report on your home value and get an update on recently sold properties in your neighborhood.



Low Interest Rates



Low interest rates will help buyers qualify for a higher sales price and help their debt to income ratios.



For example, the sales price of $500,000 x 4% rate (Principal & Interest) payment is $2000 a month.






Sales price of $500,000 x 3% rate (Principal & Interest) payment is $1500 a month.



For more examples, enter your sales price on our Mortgage Calculator.



NOTE: Property taxes & insurance are not included in this example. Interest rates are always subject to change daily.



Home Loans based on bank statements are not being accepted at this time due to the pandemic.



Home loans are limited to your W-2 income & Tax Returns. Buyers can request a mortgage quote online from our website.



If you’re unable to qualify or don’t have the required down payment, leasing a home with the right to buy (without being obligated) may be a good fit for you.






We receive many calls from consumers, asking how to become an Agent. Although our firm doesn’t hire newly licensed Agents, here’s a recommendation for an national online real estate school



If you’re an experienced REALTOR seeking more leads & business to increase your volume. Visit our dedicated Agent Website for more information.



We hope that everyone will get through this time & be a better human being as a result. We hope every business will become more efficient and produce better leaders as a result of this unfortunate time in our history.





Atlanta’s Top Selling Counties in 2020

Atlanta’s Top Selling Counties in 2020

According to research from GAMLS,

Fulton County is the Top selling county in Metro Atlanta.

Homes are on the market for sale less than 30 days with multiple offers.

The average sales price in Fulton county through the end of 2019 was $433,492.

That’s an $102,187 increase from just 4 years ago in 2016 when the average sales price was $331,305.


Download a Detailed Report of Atlanta’s Housing Market (local)

Download a Detailed Report of the Luxury Housing Market (national)


County Units Sold Avg Sales Price Inventory (Months Supply) Median Days on Market
Fulton 867 $433,492 2.69 28
Gwinnett 949 $293,010 2.49 30
Cobb 675 $346,339 2.11 23
DeKalb 601 $334,233 2.69 28
Henry 355 $237,529 4.21 43
Cherokee 370 $335,480 2.55 27
Forsyth 289 $402,851 3.2 32
Paulding 258 $243,016 3.03 36
Coweta 247 $296,282 2.78 24
Fayette 170 $400,665 2.8 23


In short, there is barely a 2 month supply of inventory that averages 28 days on the market (ex, Fulton County) before it’s reported under contract in the MLS, so the actual average days on market are much less than that. If the property is priced to sell, property owners are receiving multiple offers the day the property is listed for sale. Also if you’re an Atlanta buyer purchasing property much less than the average sales price, now you can see why every property you’ve called about is already under contract, pending or sold.

As a buyer in the Atlanta market or any market that has low inventory, you have to be ready because your competing with other active buyers that are already pre approved & have their proof of funds in hand ready, willing & able to submit a written offer on a property.

This is why getting Pre Approved for a home loan is the first step in starting the home buying process. The early bird gets the worm is not a sales pitch. It’s just the facts & the above chart, along with the MLS data & statistics supports the truth about home buying in Atlanta.

Find out what your home is worth.

Private Island

Private Island

This captivating 2.6 acre property sits on a private peninsula island; deep water 32’x32′ dock and features the best lake views well suited to entertain or relax by the pool, sauna or terrace. The 10,000 sqft property also features a one-acre pasture, barn with tack room, fish ponds, and boat launches, 6 Bedrooms, 6.5 baths, Finished Basement, 2 Kitchens & so much more for under $3,700,000.

Request Showing

Pocket Listing – Seller Requested

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The real estate community lost one of it’s own to breast cancer. My friend, Melonie passed away from breast cancer after being a breast cancer survivor for 8 years. I would like to honor her by spreading awareness through my reach. She was such a beautiful person & enjoyed giving back to her community as well.

Melonie was an influential person in the mission of Agents Who Brunch, a philanthropic network for Agents & Brokers. She was the first REALTOR that trusted me with her license as her Broker. She championed for my brokerage the way I choose to champion for her and breast cancer research. It’s baffling to know that chemotherapy is still the primary treatment for breast cancer.

If you don’t have a favorite charity, consider American Cancer Society. You can also donate when shopping on Amazon. Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchase to the charitable organization of your choice.