Remebering Traci Braxton 

It’s been 1 year since the death of Traci Braxton. I remember meeting her like it was yesterday.

WETV contacted my company to film Season 5 of Braxton Family Values in one of our luxury listings. Traci Braxton was so upbeat & happy. She was like the sun shining in the house.

She spoke so highly of her sisters throughout the show. In that filming, I was able to connect a family to another family and they became family. There are so many moving parts in real estate that it’s easy to forget this is really what it’s all about. The show ended abruptly and Traci Braxton was soon diagnosed with a terminal illness.

One of the lessons I learned from Traci Braxton is to always smile because you never know when the place you call home could be a memory. The other lesson or confirmation is to live your highest and best life by doing what you know you came here to do. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to connect people, places & businesses for over 20 years as a single woman, unapologetically educated, gifted & black.

Heavy on the gifted. Imagine the world we’d live in if we all took the time to optimize our gifts.

Rest in paradise Traci Braxton.